Hundreds of women some holding their children come to get admitted at HOLD DRC vocational Center for the 10th promotion

As always, each end of each promotion counselors used to go to different quarters around Goma town to identify new beneficiaries for the new promotion. For this promotion, it is a little bit different because beneficiaries have started coming by themselves even a month before the others go for internship.

Today, the center has received more than  two hundred women and it is only the first day.  Try to imagine on 13th October how many people the center will receive. This is to show how much this training is very important for the Congolese community especially vulnerable women of the North- kivu province.

This period is often tough for counselors, they don’t know who to select and who to let, there are so many candidates and who are vulnerable that the center would wish to select all of them .nonetheless, insufficient logistic means does not allow that. Every day they are distributed some tickets and the rule of the game which is applied here is first come first in to be interviewed that is why there are some others outside the gate because they came late.

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