At HOLD porridge was initially  designated only for children space but currently, it is for both them and their mothers. Most surprisingly, some women do simulation to have babies just to profit from this porridge while they haven’t them at all.

Before the launching of each cohort, there is a specific amount of money assigned for nutritional follow up of children space and that according to the number of registered ones. That is why hold logistics avails every necessary thing for new comers.It is the counselors who are responsible of doing nutritional follow up of space children. After counselors have purchased everything (sugar, milk, sorghum and soya), they mix all these elements together.

Some women cheat just get porridge

The degree of vulnerability  is very high ,that when comes the time  of collecting porridge,some women  do simulation, holding other women’s baby just to have access to that porridge.some  others even bring their neighbors children from  the quarter doing as if they are their own children. After an investigation, it was found that these girls consume this porridge instead of the babies they carry. Some others are even crowded around the sauce pan where is cooked to lick it. This situation is a big challenge to HOLD logistics as it has to provide porridge for children at the center and do home  assistance  for the children who have acute malnutrition, by equipping them with some kilograms of mixed flour.

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