Thanks to awareness raised by HOLD DRC mobilization department on the importance of being legally married, I have ceased living in free union with my husband. I am now officially married. 

In the perspective of international Days for elimination of gender based violence, HOLD DRC in partnership with POLE INSTITUTE have been raising awareness on the importance of being legally married. This month, HOLD together with Pole institute have facilitated 48 civil marriages among which one HOLD Peer Educators. Here after Delphine BUTO testifies:

“It has been four years that I have been living in free union with my husband .One day I was at HOLD and they were raising awareness on how importance and advantageous being legally married is. I also have heard them saying that they will facilitate whoever is ready to get officially married. Then I was interested and went to interest my husband at my turn. Fortunately, I happen to convince him.

Today I am very excited to see that I am officially married. I know this status I have got today, may not be an insurance of a household but a protection for and even for my children. In addition to this, my husband will and my in law family will be respectful for me.

In my view point, this is another way to reduce Gender based Violence Within the household and why not eradicate it. I’m very grateful to HOLD and to all it partners for all that they always do in North- kivu in general and particularly in the community of Goma town. Without that awareness raising I could not ’’

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