A four days building capacity session of PE educators for 10th promotion to address many issues faced on the field during their awareness activities in north kivu

As it can be born in our reader’s mind, peer educators are like alarms once they are in their community for awareness activities, they announce given detected issues; but also give strategies to address them.

Some of the latter may not be specialists in a given topic or domain but thanks to different documentations and sessions they often succeed to teach the community how to fix, prevent or eradicate a give problem, anyway. However, they face a lots challenges, receive various challenging questions especially those related to human rights, law and medical domain.

As a lots of questions of the above cited domains remain unanswered in case there is no reinforcing capacity session that is why HOLD DRC organizes this activity before every launching of a new promotion.

Furthermore, there are so many problems which vary according to the seasons, density of people, ignorance, law level of education, etc.; that P.E should necessarily be shaped, trained and equipped with sufficient knowledge to be giving fair orientations and strategies to address them.

In this particular reinforcing capacity session, the numbers of participant is 45 five P.E and two trainers among which a lawyer and a medical doctor specialized in gynecology. The main focuses of this session are: human rights, ethic, civil rights oriented on electoral issues, self-medication, breastfeeding, emotional well-being, and the kidnaping.

Through this session we believe that, if peer P.E are well equipped with the knowledge in these domains, hundreds of people will be aware of their rights, duties and of the others, will respect them but also will know much about their health and that of their children such how much time to breastfeed a baby per day and that for how many months or year, why to consult a physician before consuming drugs in order to avoid unwanted side effects and finally how to protect one’s child from kidnaping.

HOLD DRC vocational Center is very grateful to American Jewish World service to have financially supported this building capacity session of Peer educators.

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